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Intro To Casino Bonuses Expert Guidance

Tue 25 July 2017 Intro To Casino Bonuses  Expert Guidance

Today, online casino industry is thriving and has proven to be a hugely popular industry. Although relatively new, having been around only since the mid 1990s, it has a multi-billion dollar annual turnover. The main objective of this page is to give you an intro to casino bonuses online.

Although at the beginning of online gambling, the number of online casinos was not so big, but soon there was a total change in the scenario. With the advanced technology, improved software, safe money transfers, there was no looking back for the online casinos. With literally hundreds of casinos floating on the web, it was only natural that to lure the traffic to their site, they had to do something to attract the potential customers. Getting on with the intro to online casino bonuses, the online casinos had to develop something unique and special so as to bring players to their sites. They had to offer something which the other casino wasn’t.

The first company to have come up with the solution was the Playtech Software. They partnered with land-based casinos, trying to figure out what they offered that online casinos didn't. And the answer was comp rewards. The land casinos showered one with all kinds of freebies in order to earn their loyalty. What was learnt was that gamblers got lots of free stuff for playing at the casinos. And thus the idea of online casino bonuses was born. It was seen as a way of rewarding the players for playing at a casino. While enticing them to play more, casino bonuses online was a great way to gamble with free money. Whatever was the reason behind them, the idea caught on like a wild fire among online casinos. Internet casino began offering different bonuses for almost anything – for loyalty, for regular play, for playing on a certain day or even signing up in the first place.

What was enticing about casino bonuses was that players not only got free money to gamble, but they also got valuable practice time for trying out their favorite games. They were now experimenting with new games that they' were not used to. For some time initially, there was stiff competition among casinos, in offering increasingly rash bonuses. But soon things settled down with some standardization and also to curb the developing culture of bonus abuse. The introduction of casino bonuses in the only casinos saw a rush of people to these casinos. They were signing up at different new casinos with multiple accounts. After claiming their bonuses, they were cashing out immediately. Surprisingly, most online casinos had no clear and developed policies around this time as yet. And as a consequence, lots of money was lost to greed.

The online casino industry reacted quickly. Today, all online casinos have added clauses to their rules and user agreements that define how the free online bonus money is to be used. Usually, one is required to play for a certain amount before any withdrawal. This was important to let genuine players get the benefit of the bonuses online and protect the industry from abuse. Today online casino bonuses are alive and thriving. To conclude the introduction to casino bonuses, while players get free cash to get the flavor of online gaming, they also get to experience new casino games and their variations for free.




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